Episode 22. Special Guest Bobby Wratten's Mix: "File Under Pop Crimes" (4.16.15)

The Wake- Gruesome Castle
Chris Watson- Low Pressure. Glen Cannich, Inverness-shire, Scotland
The Residents- Arctic Hysteria
Kode 9 & The Spaceape- Ghost Town
Black Rain- Data River
Dettinger- Untitled
Creation Rebel- Space Movement Section 1
Scritti Politti- Skank Bloc Bologna
The Fall- Container Drivers (Peel Session)
Logic System- Unit
Cat's Eyes- Door No 3
Lydia Lunch with Lucy Hamilton- How Men Die In Their Sleep
John Fahey- Red Cross, Disciple Of Christ Today
Richard and Linda Thompson- The Calvary Cross
Son House- Grinnin' In Your Face
Muddy Waters- I Can't Be Satisfied
Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band- I Love You, Big Dummy
Von- Satanic Blood
Immortal- The Sun No Longer Rises
Bobby Beausoleil- Lucifer Rising Part 1
Hal Wilner Presents Weird Nightmare- Canon (Part 2)
Rowland S Howard- Pop Crimes
Arthur Russell- Instrumentals Volume One Track 4
File Under Pop- Heathrow
Scritti Politti- 28/8/78
The Twinkle Brothers- Jahoviah

Episode 21. Special Guest DJ Death's mix: "dj death - charged radio_mix_kassette" (3.10.15)

Tracklist featuring artists:
dj spanish fly
Nicki Minaj
Witchney Houston
Selda Bagcan
Nene Hatun
La Langosta
Lief Hall
Wu-Tang Clan

Episode 20 (2.23.15)

German Oak- 1945- Out Of The Ashes
Menstruation Sisters- Sistersucker
Crash Worship- Wild Mountain
Haters- Bebas
Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus- Money Day
Dome- Virtual Sweden [V.S. #1]
Dirty Beaches- A Hundred Highways
Hafler Trio- Introductory Function
ELpH- Crawling Spirit
Caretaker- Lacunar Amnesia
Otha Turner- Granny, Will Your Dog Bite?
Skip James- I’m So Glad
Ernest Wilson- Just Once In My Life
The Sweet Inspirations- Sweet Inspiration
Wanda Jackson- Fallin
The Routers- Wild Weekend
The Jesus and Mary Chain- Sometimes Always (feat. Hope Sandoval)
Can- Bel Air
Daren Seymour & Mark Van Hoen- Supermind's Light Becomes Part Of The Earth (Feburary 29th, 1956)
Adelbert Von Deyen- Saturn
Scott Walker- Any Day Now

Episode 19 (11.27.14)

The Skull Defekts- Unholy Drums for Psychedelic Africa
Shit and Shine- Pearl Drop
Elklink- Pam, Linda & Minor Members
Liimanarina- 5-600 Purkkia Liimaa
DNA- Police Chase
Aaron Dilloway- Labyrinths & Jokes
Dino Felipe- Chairsex (Copper)
The Residents- LA LA
Darksmith- Now, A Blue Period
Ectoplasm Girls- Before It Gets Too Late To Begin
Jóhann Eiríksson- Innerclock
Vindva Mei- Bad Chemicals
Stilluppsteypa- It's Not Pointless!
Inner Tube- Winners Take All

Episode 18. Special Guest Bobby Wratten's Mix: "Just Drifting" (11.19.14)

Anjou- Sighting
Derek Bailey- After Five Weeks
Toru Takemitsu- Harakiri
Monolake- Phenomenon
Mark Hollis- Inside Looking Out
Grouper- Labyrinth
Mark Ernestus Vs Konono # 1- Masikulu Dub
The Societe Absolument Guinin/Spirits Of Life- Zepol
Lizzy Mercier Descloux- Fire
Thomas Leer and Robert Rental- Interferon
Boyd Rice and Frank Tovey- Easy Listening For The Hard Of Hearing Extraction 3
Alva Noto- Uni-Asymmetric III - IIII
AGF- Auf Diesen Hugel Uberseh Ich Meine Welt!
Psychic TV- Botanica
Pharmakon- Crawling On Bruised Knees
Black Uhuru- Who's In The Tomb?
Rhythm And Sound- Distance
Duet Emmo- Or So It Seems
39 Clocks- Aspetando Godot
Stephen Mallinder- Cool Down
Stars Of The Lid- Broken Harbors Part 1
The Caretaker- Malign Forces Of The Occult
Grouper- Shadow Rise, Drowned
Bill Nelson- Almost Unchanging
Psychic TV- Just Drifting (Midnight)
Nawa- Fasel Kesmet Al Sawi

Episode 17. Sabi and Beth Arzy's Super Special Halloween Ghosthunting Mix (10.30.14)

Michael Esposito- Sallie House 1
Danny Elfman- Casting a Spell
Roy Montgomery- Departing The Body
Grouper- Second Wind/Zombie Skin
Malaria- Tod /Death
Skinny Puppy- Smothered Hope
Hazard- The Vibrating Room
Suicide- Ghost Rider
Devon Irons & Doctor Alimanado- Ketch Vampire
Scientist- Night Of The Living Dead
Popol Vuh- Die Nacht der Himmel
Zdenek Liska- How Unfortunate Are Those Who Die Unaware Of The Beauty Of Music/Lakmé's Preparation
Evil Madness- Demoni Paradiso
Lydia Lunch- Dance of the Dead Children
The Residents- Dead Men
16 Bitch Pile-Up- They Buried The Dead Boy…But Not Deep Enough
Coil- The Halliwell Hammers
Current 93- Great Black Time
Goblin- Waiting Death
Link Wray- Switchblade
The Specials- Ghost Town
Denzil Laing- Beware of the Vampire
Acanthus- Violent Library
The Ghost Orchid- Dead Machines
Agitation Free- Haunted Island
The Legendary Pink Dots- The Haunted Supermarket
Throbbing Gristle- Zyclon B Zombie
Scott Walker & Sunn O)))- Bull

Episode 16. Special Guest Akira Rabelais's Mix (10.12.14)

Satie (Reinbert de Leeuw- Gnossiennes No. 3
Ken Nordine- Beige
Squarepusher- Theme From Ernest Borgnine
Cabaret Voltaire- Golden Halos
Guesch Patti- La Marquise
Queen- Death On Two Legs
Soundgarden- Limo Wreck
Mare- Anisette
Jesu- Friends Are Evil
The Autumns- June in Her Frost and Fur
Neko Case- Deep Red Bells
The Depreciation Guild- White Moth
Slowdive- When The Sun Hits
The Zombies- Time of The Season
Low- Words
John Dowland (Emma Kirkby)- Flow Not So Fast, Ye Fountains
Bach (Andrés Segovia)- Fugue (BWV 1000)
Alessandro Scarlatti (Nanyc Argenta)- O Di Betlemme Altera
Stockhausen- Gesang der Jünglinge
Ken Nordine- Brown
Cabaret Voltaire- Damage Is Done
The Cure- One Hundred Years
Gruesome Twosome- Hallucination Generation
MC Solaar- A Dix De Mes Disciples
Sneaker Pimps- Low Five
New Young Pony Club- The Get Go
Massive Attack- Protection
Patsy Cline- Crazy
Ken Nordine- Black
South Pacific- Blue Lotus
Portishead- Wandering Star
Vangelis- Blade Runner Blues
Chet Baker- But Not For Me
Ken Nordine- Green
Tallis- Miserere Nostri
Cocteau Twins- Hitherto
Slowdive- Melon Yellow
Ascian- Voices From the Ether
Brian Eno & Harold Budd- Their Memories
Satie (Reinbert de Leeuw)- Gymnopédies No. 3

Episode 15 (10.10.14)

Goblin- Opening To The Sighs
Acanthus- Violent Library
Ju Suk Reet Meate- Ju Suk Reet Meate a1
Etat Brut- Karol Simon
Yello- You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess
Burial Hex- Throne
Moondog- Dragon's Teeth
Diana Rogerson- The Little Seed/Scitzo
Zos Kia/Coil- Sicktone
Elklink- Tension Tec
The Greek Fountains- An Experimented Terror
Vindva Mei- From Space With Love
Philip Sanderson- Prefabrication
Wakeford/Stapleton- Walk the White Ghost
Anna Broda- Mazurek Bez Butów (Mazurek With No Shoes)
Cupol- Dreyman
Bernard Fevre- Pendulum
Genesis P-Orridge & White Stains- No Hallucination
Sun Ra- My Only Love

Episode 14 (8.13.14)

Martin Rev- See Me Ridin'
This Heat- 24 Track Loop
Cosmic Jokers- Der Narr im All
Secos e Molhados- Flores Astrais
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes- La Petite Fille Aux Fraises
Chrome- The Manifestation (of the idea)
Thee Majesty- Kreeme Horne
Killing Joke- Unspeakable
The Cure- Three
Ceramic Hello- Ex Im
Ju Suk Reet Meate- Ju Suk Reet Meate
Milk From Cheltenham-Snappy Fingers
Space Art- Space Art
T.I.M.E.- Trust In Men Everywhere

Episode 13 (8.10.14)

Adelbert Von Deyen- Uranus
Skip James- Cypress Grove Blues
Mazzy Star- Flying Low
Sam Shields- The Hounds
Sam Chatmon- Sitting on Top of the World
Ernest Wilson- Freedom Train
Otha Turner- Shimmy She Wobble
Memphis Minnie- When The Levy Breaks
Kid Cole- Hard Hearted Mama Blues
Bessie Smith- St.Louis Blues
Prince Far I & The Arabs- Long Life
Ken Boothe w/ Delroy Wilson- Oh Babe (A.K.A. Sick And Tired)
Mystic Eyes- Ellaine
Otis Redding- Free Me
Cymande- Bra
Garland Green- I Can't Believe You Quit Me

Episode 12. Special Guest Bobby Wratten's Mix: "If I could leave, and sleep tonight".

Murcof- Ulysses
Mica Levi- Lipstick to Void
OMD- Statues
Sandy Posey- Shattered
Pan American- Remapping
Roy Montgomery- For The Imperiled
Glenn Branca- Lesson No.1
Loop- Breathe Into Me
P.I.L.- Flowers of Romance (Instrumental)
The Consort of Musicke (John Dowland)- Lachrimae Antiquae Novae
Grouper- Atone
Mark Hollis- Arb Section 1
Tappa Zukie- MPLA Dub
Compass Point All Stars- Peanut Butter
The Unknown Cases- Masimbabele
Brian Eno & David Byrne- The Jezebel Spirit
BJ Nilsen- Gradient

Episode 11 (6.22.14)

Babatunde Olatunji- Oyin Momo Ado (Oh-Yin-Maw-Maw-Ah-Dough)
Festival Gnawa d'Essaouira- Sassa Dimani
Mustapha Baqbou- Shabek Ruu
VA- Chabako
Genawa Boys- Gnawa Chants from Morocco
Collectif- Bouyandi
Hassan Hakmoun- Suwaye
Brahim El Belkani, Abbes Larfaoui, Mahjoub Jaffer- Tramin
Babatunde Olatunji- Oya (Aw-Yah)
Maalem Si Mohamed Chaouqi- Lalla Rqiya
Brahim El Belkani, Mahjoub Methoum, Rachid El Belkani- Toura Toura Tour Kelilah
Gnawa Bambara- Bambara
VA- Baniya
Tyour Gnawa Avec Lamallam Abdesslam Alikane- Youmala
Altaf Gnawa Group- Baba Mimoun
VA- Jillala
Hassan Boussou- Katib Allah
Ballake Sissoko- Lasidan

Episode 10 for Inventions for Radio (3.26.14)

Bananarama & Fun Boy Three- It Ain't What You Do It's the Way That You Do It
Mika Vainio- Running Up That Hill
Genesis P-Orridge & Astrid Monroe- Eshu Yes You
V/VM- Lady in Red
Coil- Free Base Chakra
Reptilicus- It’s Lovely to be Appreciated
Iesope Drift- Korot
Carter Tutti- Coolicon (Edit)
Boredoms- Ant 10
Alan Vega- Automatic Terror
Theoretical Girls- You Got Me
Said Fafy, Said Oughassal- Said Fafy Drum Solo
Ooioo- Ioa
Can- Dizzy Dizzy
The Drummers of Burundi- Extract
Einstürzende Neubauten- Sand

Episode 09 (8.15.13)

The Fall- Industrial Estate
The Gories Ghostrider
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry- Spinning Round
The Misfits-Bullet
Scratch Acid- Monsters
Wire- Drill (Live)
The Meteors- Torture
The Cramps- Jailhouse Rock
Elvis Presley- Hard Headed Woman
Roy Orbison- Rock House
MDC- Chicken Squawk
The Melvins- The Water Glass
Harry Crews- Orphans
Sun City Girls- Radio Morocco
Swans- Avatar
The Residents- Google God


Episode 08 (7.21.13)

Spacemen 3- Feel So Bad
Mazzy Star- Roseblood
The Warlocks- Above Earth
Spiritulized- Sway
A.R. & Machines- I'll Be Your Singer, You'll Be My Song
Nico- Sixty Four
The Cure- Other Voices
The Brian Jonestown Massacre- Ballad of Jim Jones
Nina Simone- Whatever I Am
Scott Walker- Paper Doll
BlueBob- Go Get Some
Mazzy Star- Happy
Galaxie 500- Don't Let Our Youth Go TO Waste
Suicide- Keep Your Dreams

Episode 07 (7.13.13)

Vangelis- Light & Shadow
Eno/Moebius/Roedelius- Belldog
Vangelis- I Can't Take It Anymore
A Certain Ratio- Knife Slits Water
The Fall- Kicker Conspiracy
The Residents- Benny Bounces
Boredoms- 7+ (Eye Remix)
Scratch Acid- Mess
Os Mutantes- Preciso Urgentemente Encontrar Um Amigo
Link Wray- The Shadow Knows
Can- Blue Bag (Inside Paper)
Moondog- Instrumental Round
Haruomi Hosono- Spinning Spirits
Dome- Kiss the Sky
Swans- Miracle of Love


Episode 06 (6.30.13)

Panasonic- Murto
H30- Introductory Functions
R. Stevie Moore- Mr Nashville
Sunn O)))- Cursed Realms
Einstürzende Neubauten- Architektur Ist Geiselnahme
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks- The Closet
Current 93/NWW- Disintegrate
R. Stevie Moore- Cherrybaby Come Out 2Night
Psychic TV- Pregnant Pause
The Fall- Fiery Jack
Pixies- Something Against You
Psychic TV- Surrender
PIL- Religion I
Pan Sonic- Telakoe
NWW- Strain, crack, break
PIL- Under the House
Coil- Teenage Lightning
Cabaret Voltaire- Yashar
Gogol Bordello- Dogs Were Barking

Episode 05 (6.25.13)

Emeralds- Up in the Air
Jimi Tenor- Beyond the Stars
Roy Orbison- Dream Baby
Popol Vuh- For You
The Specials- Do Nothing
Butthole Surfers- Suicide
DNA- Lionel
Suicide- I Remember
Nurse With Wound- Pepe Wismeer
Scott Walker- Man From Reno
Psychic TV- Unknown
Elvis Presley- I Want To Be Free


Episode 04 (6.15.13)

Amon Duul II- Kronwinkl 12
Gal Costa- Vapor Barato
Secret Chiefs 3- Book T: Exodus
Sun City Girls- Zeke Cambridge
Mark Stewart- Strange Cargo
Moondog- Rimshot
Einstürzende Neubauten- Compressors in the Dark
7 Hundred Years in Tibet- Big Choir Of Monks
Soungalo Coulibaly- Warani
Mr. Bungle- Goodbye Sober Day

Special Guest Doron's Episode 03 (4.23.13)

Beach Boys- Cabinessence
The Monkees- Randy Scouse Git (Stereo Mix)
Mark Wirtz- Final Thought
Track 04
Bruce Haack- Mudra
John Belushi, Chevy Chase- Humor Test With Dr. Chevy Chase
Perry & Kingsley- Spooks in Space
France Gall- Jazz a Gogo
The Paris Studio Group- Accroche Toi Caroline


Episode 02 (4.30.13)

James Brown & The Famous Flames- Bewildered
Otis Redding- Come To Me
The Supremes- It's Time To Break Down
Stranger & Ken- Suzie
King Tubby- King Tubby's Talkative Dub
Ken Boothe- You Left The Water Running
Sly & Robbie- Walking On The Moon
Sun Ra- Lover, Come Back To Me
Altaf Gnawa Group- El Bouhala
Lonnie Pitchford- Boogie Chillen
The Staple Singers- Going Away
Otha Turner & The Rising Star Fife & Drum Band- When I Lay My Burden Down
Alabama Sacred Harp Singers- We Will Sing With The Angels There

Episode 01 (4.23.13)

Philip Jeck- Fanfares
Throbbing Gristle- AB/7A
Throbbing Gristle- Still Walking
Panasonic- Uranokemia
Dome- Plosive Pluck
Psychic TV & The Hafler Trio- Slave Priest
Boredoms- Super Going
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks- I Woke Up Dreaming
Blectum From Blechdom- Bends
SPK- Epilept: Convulse
Philip Jeck- In Loving Memory: Walter Gibbons & Arthur Russell
Nurse With Wound- The Bottom Feeder
Ariel Pink-Among Dreams